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The Brewery has always loved helping the community of Hermanus. From our initiative with Ladles of Love to our transformation during lockdown into a soup kitchen for those in need.

As our support grew, so did our reach and we are now able to focus a bit further afield. Namely, our oceans!

Introducing the Ocean Brews Limited Edition cans in support of

The Killer Ale

Hermanus Pale Ale™

Full bodied Pale Ale, with late addition Cascade hops, a medium-strong, very distinct, fragrant floral aroma hop, giving the Ale its hoppy bouquet. A well balanced Pale Ale.

The Sea Dog

Hermanus Pilsner™

Unfiltered and German-styled with a hazy light and golden color and a clean, light to medium bodied mouth-feel. Aroma is slightly bitter, grassy and straw with a straw finish.

The Right Lager

Hermanus Lager™

Clean, crisp, golden unpasteurized Lager, brewed with the highly valued Strisselspalt (known for its fine hop aroma), one of the best-known hop varieties of France.

The Elephant Seal

Hermanus Irish Stout™

Dark, velvet smooth Nitro Ale with a rich creamy dense head, sweet, slight coffee, malty aromas, Perfect balance between bitter and sweet with roasted malt flavour.

the full story

What It’s About

We have been lucky enough to have worked with the incredible teams at The Kholisi Foundation, Ladles of Love, The Harmony Foundation, and with Zelda La Grange. All of this to provide over 100 000 meals and 10 000 loaves of bread to those in need. In collaboration with Frigid Isles Brewing, we’re excited to introduce our Limited Edition Ocean Brews in support of the following institutes.

Marine Mammal Research at the University of Pretoria
Marine mammals have been studied at the University of Pretoria since the 1970s through the Marion Island Marine Mammal Program (MIMMP) and the Whale Unit. Since 1973, MIMMP has studied the marine life on Marion Island (and later Prince Edward Island) in the southern Indian Ocean – both of which are part of the Municipality of Cape Town, South Africa!

Chosen due to it being the terrestrial base for southern elephant seals, fur seals and killer whales, the long-term monitoring of these top predators allows the team to measure the response of these animals to environmental change in the region.

In 1985, The Whale Unit was established as global African research, conservation, and education facility that researches the ecology, population and dynamics of the diverse cetaceans (whales, dolphins and porpoises) along the South African coastline and surrounding oceans. The team hopes to accomplish a better understanding of the mammals in their research and help to improve their future alongside ours.

The National Sea Rescue Institute
The NSRI is a charity institute staffed by volunteers and, since its inception in 1967, has grown to support our entire coastline and larger inland bodies of water. The rescue teams are on-call day and night; ready to assist vessels in distress, drownings in progress, stranded boats and swimmers, and whales in distress and assistance with wild animal rescues.

At The Brewery, we are inspired by all that these institutions do; by the tireless efforts of the scientific teams from MIMMP and the incredible courage and dedication of the NSRI volunteers.

To support MIMMP, The Whale Unit and the NSRI, crack open a cold Killer Ale and help us continue the protection of these mighty top predators!

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