What we offer

Keeping our craft simply focused on two beers – each created to perfection!

Hermanus™️ Lager

This clean, crisp, golden lager, has a light floral aroma with a buttery, yet dry finish. Fermented at cooler temperatures, Hermanus Lager is easy drinking with a gentle hint of lemon, the perfect bitterness and a good retention of bubbles. A great thirst-quencher and pairing with any meal. Quaffable by design!

Hermanus™️ Pale Ale

A punchy APA, balanced well with a light, malt complexity and a full-bodied fragrant bouquet of hops. Hermanus Pale Ale is brewed at a slightly warmer temperature creating a caramelly, biscuit aroma with a hint on the nose of tropical fruits. A perfect carbonation of medium to large bubbles, this Ale has a dry zesty finish with just the right bitterness on the pallet.

Short story

Hermanus is home to the only whale crier in the world. Every year at the start of summer, he uses his kelp horn to call whale watchers to one of the most breathtaking sights on our Atlantic shores: the ocean’s giants at play.

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